Photos by Chad Lieberman :: CRW_9006Jambo Asante Kwa Heri

A Poem dedicated to the 84th Classic Safari
Tanzania & Kenya
16th August 2006

Jambo Asante Kwa Heri to all – hello, thank you, farewell

Mostly strangers, we met, some 2 weeks ago
Today we are leaving as friends

We have seen the big Five and the Nine and the rest
But being all together was surely the best

Just like the Masai we formed a great tribe
As we travelled and ate and lived side by side

The sights which we saw we will never forget
Nor the special and wonderful people we met

Our warm thanks to you Joe, our chief and our guide
For making our visit unique

Your kindness and patience
Your humour and skill
Lifted our spirits and gave us a thrill

Even despite some little white lies
Joe, thank you again for our Rhino surprise

As one of the Elders
I say unto you
These words filled with goodwill and warmth

May your tsetses expire
May your cattle increase
And may you live long,
In good health
And in Peace

Jambo Asante Kwa Heri – to all

Louis Shakinovsky, August 2006

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