Lame Experiments by A Guy...

The Alphabetizer A free app designed to put words in alphabetical order. Sort movie and TV titles, alphabetize by last name, capitalize words, ignore articles, number lists, and much more!
TextSaver The TextSaver lets you save lists, blocks of text, phrases, names in text or HTML format.
Case Converter A simple tool for converting the case of your text
What's My IP? A no-frills display of your IP address. It's big, horizontally and vertically centered, and confusion-free. Ads to make me wealthy.
Remove One List From Another Remove items in one list from items in another list. Good for e-mail list management, when you want to remove subscribers.
Syllable Separator A simple tool to break up a word or block of text into its syllables. Counts em too.
Remove Line Breaks Remove line breaks from text. Good for copy/pasting PDF files into Word Documents
Word Counter Count words, count sentences, count paragraphs, count lines and count your blessings.
Website Word Counter Count the number of keywords on any website. Good for SEO, bloggers and writers.
Percentage Calculator A quick-n-easy way to calculate a percentage - for a restaurant tip, a valet, or a car salesman.
Web Development Need a hand with a website?
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before any gargoyles arrive.
MasterChefGPT Need great professional or semi-professional recipies? Check out the #1 AI-generated recipe GPT!
Fridge Inspector Share a picture of your refrigerator, or list the ingredients in it, and get recipes you can make.
Merch Crafter PRO Create SEO-focused descriptions for your Amazon Merch products! Provide a design description or image, get a listing.
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Pieced together from table scraps and steam by Chad Lieberman.