Lame Experiments By Some Guy


The Alphabetizer

A free app designed to put words in alphabetical order. Sort movie and TV titles, alphabetize by last name, capitalize words, ignore articles, number lists, and much more!



The TextSaver lets you save lists, blocks of text, phrases, names in text or HTML format.



Do lots of cool stuff with text. Alphabetization, sorting, formatting, labeling, roman numerals, capitalization, case, and special text tools for coders as well! (this guys sorta retired...)


Remove From A List

Remove items in one list from items in another list. Good for e-mail list management, when you want to remove subscribers, for instance.


What's My IP?

A no-frills display of your IP address. It's big, horizontally and vertically centered, and confusion-free. No added junk (besides ads)


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